What is CAI-CLAC?

The California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) is a volunteer committee of Community Associations Institute (CAI) consisting of homeowners and professionals serving HOAs. It is the largest advocacy organization in America dedicated to monitoring legislation, educating elected state lawmakers, and protecting the interests of those living in homeowners associations in California.

CAI-CLAC serves the educational, business and networking needs of homeowners associations in the state of California. Members include condominiums, cooperatives and homeowners associations, as well as those who provide products and services to the associations.

The legislation we monitor, support, or oppose has a direct impact on the community associations you live in, work with or manage.

CLAC’s Mission

To safeguard and improve the community association lifestyle and their property values by advocating a reasonable balance between state statutory requirements and the ability and authority of individual homeowners to govern themselves through their community associations.

Briefly, CLAC…
  • Is a non-profit, statewide committee of the Community Associations Institute (CAI)
  • Educates legislators about Common Interest Development (HOA) living and governance
  • Serves the interests of approximately 9,000,000 homeowners residing in more than 45,000 community associations throughout California
  • Is not a PAC (Political Action Committee), and makes no political contributions
  • Functions solely on the donations of the community associations it represents
How Does CLAC Accomplish Its Goals?
  • Reviews and takes positions on all legislative bills affecting homeowners associations
  • Hosts a “Legislative Day at the Capitol” event each year to educate legislators and members
  • Employs a veteran lobbyist, Skip Daum, to testify at hearings and lobby (educate) the legislators in Sacramento
  • Alerts HOA’s and their managers about important legislation
  • Makes visits to legislators in their districts to continue the education begun in Sacramento
  • Organizes “grass-roots” efforts to communicate en masse with legislators over topics that are particularly important to community associations
  • Acts as a resource for legislators when considering legislation having to do with community associations

Should you have any interest in following legislation that affects community associations in California, please sign up for our blog and our free email alerts.

Also, please consider our voluntary Buck A Door fundraising efforts; every dollar helps and donations can be sent to 1809 S Street, Suite 101-245, Sacramento, CA 95811 with checks payable to CAI-CLAC. Your efforts and monetary contributions are very much appreciated and your HOA members will feel involved, enabled and informed.